Trust In God Ministries

Brick Kilns Slaves

TGM Team has a deep concern for the most poor people. When we see them as slaves making bricks our hearts see the story of the Israelite people who lived in slavery. 

Exodus Ch: 2:23-25
We pray to God that He will give freedom and deliverance from slavery in our present era. These humble people become slaves through a loan system designed to take advantage of them. The live in deep poverty and slavery making bricks in vain attempts to pay off their loan, their children do not get an education and the cycle of slavery repeats itself generationally. Many of these are Christian families who from generation to generation are doing slavery work with no hope of escape.
The TGM team, along with CrownLife International wants to see that their future life is changed spiritually and economically and that they can get an education for their children, skills training for women and youth. Poverty reduction through income generating programs and self dignity and freedom from slavery. We also want to teach an awareness program to prevent people from being taken in slavery for future.
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