Our Mission

Bible School,
Orphange center for needy and Deserving fatherless Children ,
Flourish. Villages and Urban Areas through Spiritually & Educationally,
Discipleship Training,
seminar and conference,
Healing, Revival Meetings & Crusades,
Reaching to Unreachd,
One to One Evangelism,
Street Evangelism,
Pastor Support,
Medical Camp For Sick Needy & Widows Deserving People,
Skill Training for needy & Widows,
Marriage Counselling Seminars,
Church Planting

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Together, we can

Build a world where all Live a Healthy Life

What we do

I saw a dream when i was seven years old first time in my life that sign the dove came upon me and I woke up and very next day i shared with my Pastor Lazarus. He guided me through scripture that Holy Spirit gave blessings. He prophesied and laying hand upon me I spoke in tongues that in future there will be signs and wonders and miracles through my life.