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My name is Mishall. I am thankful to Lord Jesus Christ. When I was born my health was not good as a child. At birth I had a very high fever and my health was weak. The doctor said to my mother, “This child will die.” My mother prayed day and night for me and God healed me through my mother’s prayers.
I saw a dream when I was seven years old and it was the first time in my life that saw the sign of the dove who came down upon me. As soon as I woke up the very next day I shared about this with my Pastor Lazarus. He guided me through scriptures confirming to me that Holy Spirit had given blessings to me. He also prophesied and laid hands upon me I spoke in tongues. It ws prophisied that in the future there would be signs and wonders and miracles through my life. When I shared my testimony in a meeting many people got encouraged in their faith. I was growing spiritually in life. God uses me for people who are sick, especially for barren women who are unable to conceive children after their marriage. Many families were very thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ. Today many women have given birth to a child and one family gave birth to a baby boy after 13 years of being able to give birth. I grew spiritually in my life and when I was 14 years old God touched me again. It was the first time God gave me a purpose of being in my life and it came through a dream. In the dream I was going through a graveyard and there were many bones around me. I was preaching to bones that were without flesh, it was a symbol of Life. Read More