Trust In God Ministries

Church Planting

TGM is working in different places as Jesus has given the mission to every Christian to “Go and make disciples and to preach the Good News to all” Matthew 28:19-20
TGM is reaching the unreached and fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ Jesus. Today our house to house ministries is growing through seminars and one to one discipleship. All of these efforts help the churches to grow and this multiplication is growing day by day. Central Punjab Province is our main target and especially the rural areas. Through Church Planter Training TGM has interaction with people to train ministers who can assist us to “Reach to Unreached” Marasi Community in Rahim-yar-Khan district Gotki, Sheikhupura, Sargodha. Lahore Church Planting is TGM’s main area of direct ministries and through our ministries we come to know the problems that people are facing daily.
We need financial support from all those who are interested in Missions and Evangelism.
TGM more than enough faith that this mission and these purposes are just simple ideas of men but that these things come from and belong to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Church Planters are facing many hard problems in sharing the Gospel. They often lack transport, housing, income and a church building
Basic salaries will empower them to preach, teach, evanglize and care for their families. Please pray for these problems and stand with us to lift up the Kingdom of God with TGM Kingdom Advancement and CrownLife International Inc 501(c)(3).