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My name is Mishall, I am thankful to Lord Jesus Christ. When I was born my health was not good as a child. i was born i had high fever and my health was weak. The doctor said to my mother this child would die. My mother prayed day and night for me, I was healed through my mother prayer.
I saw a dream when i was seven years old first time in my life that sign the dove came upon me and I woke up and very next day i shared with my Pastor Lazarus. He guided me through scripture that Holy Spirit gave blessings. He prophesied and laying hand upon me I spoke in tongues that in future there will be signs and wonders and miracles through my life.
When i shared my testimony in a meeting and many people got encouraged in their faith. I was growing spiritually in life. God using me for people who were sick, especially for barren women who were unable to conceive Child after their marriage many families were very thankful to Lord Jesus Christ.
Today many women have got child one family got after 13 year baby boy. I grew spiritually in my life, when I was 14 years old. First time God had given me a purpose of being my life through dream that i was going through graveyard there were bones around me. I was preaching to bones that were without flesh, it was symbol of Life. Ezekiel Ch 37:1-15
Second time God also guided me through Catching fish, as disciples caught fish. John 21:1-14
Third time God spoke through dream again and shaked my life through parable i had to washed a sheep’s they were dirty and i washed them. i have come to know and God has given maturity working for uniques and prostitutes.
Lord Jesus gave me his words through Isaiah Ch 45 verses 1:8 and 23.
In my present life last year God showed a dream, I am standing on a road i saw plenty of sheep were coming towards me and went away there were small seven lamb sticked with my legs and i took in my arms , I felt that God has give me vision for poor and needy Children, there were many sheep without shepherd.
Today Lord Jesus Christ sending me to all those people who are without life God fulfil his vision he shows me in dreams, since from my child hood God has chosen me that I work in the provision lord has given me, I am giving my whole hearted service through Trust In God Ministries, that people may grow spiritually and economically I am thankful for the great favours of Lord given to lift up the weaker and oppressed, give them live forever and ever in Jesus name.
Please keep me in your prayers to built the Kingdom of God and accelerate the great commission.
Yours in Jesus Christ
Mishall Kashan

When I was thirteen years old my father died. i was living very lonely I felt in my heart that my life is without pupose . My father died i had very I had very good relation ship with him .he was role model for me i was studing in a school i am elder son of my family i also started thinking about my mother , sister, and younger brother we all had attachment with father and suddenly i lost my father . i was growing 14 year age and no one was guiding me theright path, i had very bad company for ten years i was living worldy life every day drinking, spending time with all those who where far away fromLord Jesus Christ, my family were not aware about this situation i was also doing one wheel on bike and it was life and death game, when i was 23 years old i last everything day by day and i was going through deep iner depression during this peorid i felt that i am alone, i was wandering and wanted to make sucide.my all famiy member brother and sister were very far from me because of my behaviour and aimless life.Duringthis periodof my my crisis life i was struggling for three month i was silent in my life i was not talking with any one in my life i wanted to die becuse i felt

Pastor Kashan
(Chairman & Founder)

that this wil be better choice for me.
My family and my friends left me because of this worse situation,i was fed up of my sinner life,when i left my home every step was again and again taking me to darkness and death, on the main road near to my home, Mean while when I was on the way and ” i asked God i want to die” I am fed up of this sinner life nobody loves me, when i was very near to die i was senseless and first time in my life i feel the presence of the Lord came upon me and i heard the voice of the Lord and the Lord Said to me clearly ‘ today you asked me you want to die, but i give you a’ Eternal life ‘ and Lord said to me and so many life are going to be saved through u because i saw you God told me that He would give me Eternal life, He putted in my mind I had need to go in “Monday meeting”, that day the Pastor preached the message on a Luke chapter 18 and verse 11 up to 14 , that message has changed my life and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. In 2005 then 2 and a half year God blessed me and that this period of time God gave me the words to pray and i stayed in fasting and prayer and the Lord Anointed me and blessed me and use me in his purpose Mightily and filled me with the Fire of the Holy Spirit and his Authority, and use me in his purpose Mightily in the ministry as a Pastor, Evangelist, teacher ,intercessor, to winning the lost at any cost by the Grace of God. Hallelujah
Praise and Glory to God who love’s us! Amen senseless
Pastor Kashan has a Beautiful Anointed Spirit Filled wife her name is Mishall. The Lord has used Evangelist Mishall in many areas of ministry. She has served as a Pastor, Evangelist, Intercessor, Leading in Women conference, Worshiper and God specially blessed for those people who have no baby. She is the Chairperson of Women Ministry by the grace of God. Evangelist Mishall is committed to helping the Body of Christ and those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus as their personal saviour to understand their God-given purpose she is passionate to save soul and prepare the Kingdom of God.
They have laid hands on the sick and watched the Lord make them whole. Pastor Kashan knows this would not be possible without Mishall support and encouragement and gives his thanks to God and to her for supporting himself and his ministry it’s all praise and Glory to God he blessed us and used in his vision. Amen
We love Jesus
Yours in Jesus Christ
Pastor Kashan (Chairman & Founder)